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 in ground swimming pool design

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If your wondering how to pick the right pool for you here is some information that will help you choose the right prices and type of pool your looking for. swimming pools come in mainly two formats. If your looking for information on where to place your pool click here

. In ground pools

. Above ground pools

There are three main types of in ground pools, Concrete pools, vinyl pools and fiberglass pools. Concrete pools are truly custom built and can be structured to pretty much any desired size or height. The process of installing inground pools can take substantially longer than that of other kinds, generally between 3-12 weeks. The concrete pool is considered the most durable type of pool, another factor is this type of pool can be remolded, enlarged and updated if  required.

The second of the inground pools are the vinyl. These pools come in a selection of patterns shapes and colors meeting the requirements of pretty much anyone’s needs. When considering a vinyl pool sharp objects in the like can puncture the liner, although these can easily be repaired play it safe by choosing one that’s at least 20 to 30mm thick. The advantage of the vinyl pool over the concrete are that construction time can last between one and three weeks.

The third of the in ground swimming pools are the fiberglass pools. Fiberglass pools are factory constructed into a giant bowl shaped piece which is shaped into an excavated hole via a crane. This means fiberglass swimming pools can be built and installed much faster than the concrete and vinyl options. The main downside to a fiberglass pool is they come in drastically fewer sizes than that of the others.

All three of the swimming pools types are available for design and installation nationwide, but keep in mind some are more prevalent than others. Fiberglass and vinyl pools provide strong flexibility allowing for them to be substantial in colder climates. Freezing and thawing may damage a rigid concrete structure. If your interested in the safety features and rules of a swimming pool then click here

It is difficult to exactly pinpoint the exact estimate of how much a swimming pools will cost to construct and install. This factor varies hugely by the region of the country you live in, type of pool, soil condition along with the circulation system that is required to operate the pool. In general concrete pools are the most costly of the lot, followed by the vinyl liners and then the fiberglass pools. However a high end inground fiberglass swimming pool may be more expensive than a concrete one.

Depending on the pool company you choose the average price of a concrete swimming pool is around $29,000. A vinyl pool would typically cost on average $25,700 and a high end fiberglass $31,000. Here is where you can find out more information on what you should consider.